When my partner and I moved to St. Helens, Oregon in 2021, I didn’t know much about the small city except that it was past the St. Johns Bridge and Sauvie Island along Highway 30.

Some of my friends told me they enjoyed going to Spirit of Halloweentown—an annual, month-long event that began after St. Helens served as a backdrop to the Disney Channel Halloween classic, “Halloweentown.” Having lived here for approximately 18 months, I can attest that St. Helens also does a good job celebrating Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve with music, vendors, and fireworks.

As I build my marketing consultancy in Columbia County, I am still acclimating to a semi-rural way of life. With a population count at about 53,817 and the number of businesses at around 1,422, there is much to explore and discover what it takes to grow a thriving business.

I began by creating a business listing on Keep It Local Columbia County’s online directory. I will also be participating in their Winter 2023 Marketing for Success Series to learn more about the challenges local businesses are facing, and to better understand what they need from their marketing efforts.

Like any adventure, the experience wouldn’t be as enjoyable without the company of Renegade, Thunder, and Lightning.

Renegade, Thunder, Lightning 2

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